Stella Loi is a restaurant entrepreneur, chef, classical singer, and abstract painter living and working in the Bay Area since 1985.

Her two passions are art and cooking. She has been inventing recipes since 1995, and opened her first French restaurant Rue De Main in 1995. In the early 2011’s she started learning the art of ramen under the guidance of Yamashita San.

In 2012 she open her own noodle house, Sobo Ramen, in downtown Oakland. She approaches cooking both from a chef and painter’s perspective; with respect for the rules, but in search for new innovations. In her spare time she takes classical singing lessons and dance classes, part of her larger vision to maintain creativity and an artistic eye in all endeavors.

She recently accepted the role of Lily Toh, the wife of crime boss Kei-Fung Toh, in season two of the web series Golden Mountain.