Before migrating from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 2000‘s, Debra Lamb left her mark in Hollywood during the VHS movie craze of the 80's and 90's with fan favorites such as Evil Spirts (starring Karen Black), Beverly Hills Vamp, The Invisible Maniac, Stripped to Kill 2: Live Girls, just to mention a few, often showing off her comedic chops, while also proving herself to be an accomplished fire eater in blockbuster films like Point Break and Wild at Heart.
While Debra loved playing all the comedic sexy vixen roles she is so well known for earlier in her career, she now relishes playing the gritty authoritative roles she gravitated towards while studying at The Beverly Hills Playhouse of San Francisco, which lead to her role as Captain Jane Royce in Season 2 of the award winning web series Gold Mountain.
But don't think for one moment Debra has lost her sense of humor or is turning her back on her legions of horror fans. With her most recent roles as incompetent zombie hunter Agent Tall of the ZIA in There’s No Such Thing as Zombies, and ditzy, coffee-crazed Lenny in Espresso to Die For, Debra's comedic talent rises to new heights.