San Francisco born and raised, Victor Chen is a lifelong real martial artist, fight choreographer and action man who seeks to showcase authentic Chinese American talent on the big screen.

Victor's passion has always been motivation through movement. He started martial arts at 8 yrs old, then became obsessed with bodybuilding/fitness training after he saw himself in the mirror with his stomach looking bit round.

In 1993, he began training hardcore martial arts in what was the unknown - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Years spent grappling lead to a different passion in that of Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Fast forward to 2009, Victor spent 4 years in mainland China as an English instructor at a private university. It was sheer luck that he decided to enter into the mainland and stayed committed to seeing every one of his students graduate before returning back to the U.S.

And as a pure martial artist, Victor immediately went to train numerous times in Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai with the world famous Sasiprapa Gym.

Victor's attributes his film aspirations to his students in China because they gave him a reason to explore the possibilities of becoming an actor and filmmaker.

"I realized that one could educate faster through the medium of film than via a book."

With this in mind, and the inner inspirations from the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee, Victor returned back to CA in 2013 and began his journey in exploring through the mediums of film and entertainment.

It is a long road for any talent wishing to achieve film success, and even more challenging for a Chinese man to do so even in 2018. But Victor's goal is not just stardom. He focuses on the philosophical components of a story that brings human beings together with action in a way everyday people can relate to.

One of Victor's favorite quotes from Bruce Lee is "Honestly express yourself. Have faith in yourself. You'll do just fine."

This is already his motivating force in being a martial artist.

All he needs is a chance to bring his vision to the big screen and help motivate every man, woman and child worldwide.